Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spotlight On: Thomas Blackshear

I stumbled across this Thomas Blackshear painting yesterday that I had never seen before. Which is surprising, because I seem to be looking at his work all the time.

Whenever I'm trying to explain some artistic principle in my class, there is always a Thomas Blackshear painting to show off as the perfect example of that principle. His work is just so good on so many levels. I particularly admire his ability to balance 3-Dimensional form with 2-Dimensional pattern.

While admiring the piece above, it occurred to me that we've never spotlighted Thomas' work here on Muddy Colors.

Thomas Blackshear first showed up on my radar as a fantasy illustrator, when I discovered his work in an early Society of Illustrators Annual. Since then, he has gone on to a hugely successful career doing collectable sculptures and fine art paintings based on spiritual and cultural themes. Regardless of the genre, Thomas' incredible skill always manages to shine through.


  1. Thomas Blackshear's taste and versatility has always been an inspiration. He can absorb influences and make them his own. He has also designed a lot of postage stamps, including the Universal monster stamps, and he has also created a beautiful line of small sculptures, which people can find by googling Ebony Visions Figurines.

  2. Thomas Blackshear is one of the most generous artists of our times...his work is mindful of the brilliant works of Gustav Klimt and challenges me to continue to strive for excellence in design, craft, and message.

  3. One of the greats. Thanks for sharing Dan.

  4. Thomas is simply one of the best. Tim Kirk introduced me to him when we were all working at Hallmark and I was immediately blown away—as was everyone else. Not only could he draw and paint, but he could sculpt like nobody's business. Mark English was Artist In Residence at Hallmark and invited Thomas to work with him; his star just continued to rise from there. He hasn't done much in the way of fantasy art for a number of years; I hope he'll return to it one day.

  5. Thomas is simply amazing, and his dedication second to none. Which is what helps him get to be amazing!


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