Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Letter to the Turkish Sultan

-By Jesper Ejsing

Everyone has a favorite painting. Mine is Repin´s "Letter to the Turkish Sultan". The characters are portraited with so much life and gesture that it automaticly makes me grin all over my face. I have always wanted to create a painting inspired by this one, but with fantasy characters around an inn table.

In a month's time I am going to St. Petersburg to do a workshop. I will go to the art museaum and see this specific painting in real life. I know I will cry a little, and then I will start sketching my own scene.


  1. Love this painting! I always thought of it as a masterclass in painting awesome facial expressions. Can't wait to see your fantasy version!

  2. You can almost imagine being in there and what they are writing, almost as if it were a bunch of high school guys writing a letter to the school director. I love their expressions.

  3. Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that painting by Repin. I also love Sadko by Repin. The procession always creeped me out with their doll like faces.
    I have always loved Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by Sargent. There is also a very hard to find painting by Dean Cornwell called "The Torrent." I have an old Illustration Collector book from Illustration Houze, with the painting on the cover.

  4. What a marvelous painting! Thank you so much for posting it and I look forward to more details of it. And thank you too, Christoffer G. B. for posting a translation of the letter. Something tells me the Sultan's minions were rather...reluctant... to translate it exactly.

  5. I had the good fortune to see this painting several years ago when the Peredvizhniki traveling exhibition was here in Stockholm (along with so many other mind-blowing pieces from that movement). It's every bit as wonderful to stand in front of as you might imagine, but I was also already reeling from all the other paintings in the room... I'd like a chance to see it again and really spend more time with it. I envy you, Jesper!

  6. Jesper, Recently, once again I looked at the picture again in the museum . As far as I understand, you will soon arrive at the Saint - Petersburg on ARTILLERY Festival and will be able to visit the Russian Museum and see this painting with your own eyes , as well as many other great pictures of our masters Siemiradzki , Sawicki , Vrubel , Vasnetsov , Vereshchagin , Serov , and Repin , and of course others. And I, in turn, will be able to visit your masterclass )


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