Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sergio Toppi - Master of Design

by Donato

If you are looking for some last minute holiday gifts, I can highly recommend these two books by Sergio Toppi, both from a narrative story and artistic point of view.  Sergio is a genus when it comes to page layouts, for even how he handles word balloons displays mastery in design.  Below are a few page samples from Sharaz-de: Tales from the Arabian Nights.

My artistic heart beats wildly with every page turn in these books as my eye meets the unexpected, page after page.



  1. Great artist! Now one of my favorites thanks Don!

  2. I will jump in and give my whole-hearted thumbs up. These two books just keep giving in the way of discovery and pure, "Wow, I wish I'd have thought of that," joy.

  3. I rembember as a teenager tossing some comics away by him, because they freaked me out in some way. But thanks reminding me of Toppi, i'll give it a second try, his compositions and decorative style are excellent.

  4. I'm flabbergasted; the mastery of lines here is really amazing. I wonder how Sergio did this. Pen? Brush? Both? Other tools?

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  6. Amazing,Really very beautiful. If I could draw like that maybe now I become a comic book writer
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  7. Since 30 years ago I've been admiring every single frame and composition of Toppi. It is a pity he passed away a couple of years ago, since he was the most talented cover artist in Europe when the comic boom happened in the 80's.
    Check some colour cover from him. He is simply awesome!

  8. Wow! His work is so GREAT! I must get....


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