Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kissy kissy

By Jesper Ejsing

Recently I have been traveling to conventions and meeting people and spent way too little time in the studio with my butt in the chair and painting. One of my latest published pictures that I am very fond of is this lovely girl. She is a cover figure for Paizos Pathfinder adventure path #92.

I really love, That Sarah Robinson, the fantastic art director at Paizo, let me go with the very voluptuous anatomy instead of beeing affraid of it offending people. During the last couple of years there has been a lot of discussions on how we portrait women as half naked sex objects in fantasy. I am proud to have made a picture that pulls the average in another direction. In this specific drawing i wanted her to look smiling and selfconsious rather than yet another sexy looking female enemy.

In my sketch she had a bundle of dwarf heads on her shoulders, but they were switch for a shield/shoulder plate to better fit with the story.

I tried to give her head a different facial structure to make her not look like a human. when you have no background to show scale you have to use something else to potrait the Giant-ness. I pulled the eyes apart and gave her a large round and gnarled forehead. Somehow she becomes a little fish-like with the small eyes apart like that.


  1. Wonderful face Jesper - I'll be pinching the wide-apart eyes idea. Just so you know.

    1. it will be a very little price compared to the stuff I have "borrowed" from you.

  2. Get a room you guys. Love this piece Jesper, eyes far apart are sexy.

    1. "Get a room you guys"Ha! I would hate to see the spawn from this unholy union. A creature so talented lesser painters brushes would explode from his mere existence! Fantastic image by the way, Jesper.

  3. really great character design, the pose and lighting is great but most of all the face, she has confidence and a scary stare that screams " i may not even kill that wouldnt be any fun"

    also it crazy to see how similar you r digital style is to your traditional work, almost didnt realise this was digital

  4. Great fun Jesper! Love the wonderfully gross details. Mmm, far apart eyes. Bill is right.

  5. Very cool. Love how this turned out!


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