Monday, February 16, 2015

100 Hour Painting in 6 Minutes

-By Eric Fortune

Here's an excerpt from the documentary film 'Making It', showcasing Eric Fortune's painting 'Day of Dissonance'.

Though the entire painting process actually took several weeks of painstaking work, you can see the highlights edited down to just 6 minutes.


  1. Eric…

    I simply love your work. There is such a sense of atmosphere, and intensity of emotion, but all so very quiet. Honestly, I truly find your work beautiful, and strangely uplifting and optimistic.

    Are there any plans to publish a collection of your works? If so, put me on the top of the list.

    Be well. Great stuff.

  2. 100 hour painting ...huh...really?
    The max amount of time I've spent with one piece is around 20 hours, maybe...., so it's pretty hard to just imagine the related effort...
    But I agree that my humble work is not comparable... :)

    ...great work...

    1. I think the time expended on a piece is one of the things that keeps a lot of amateurs from creating pro work. Personally, I spend about 2 weeks on each piece, and I know a lot of other realists that do as well. So 80 hours or so on a single piece isn't that uncommon.

    2. I agree! I make a little living as both a sculptor and a painter. Twenty hours ain't nothin'.

  3. Beautiful work, Eric! Great editing too. What paper are you painting on?

  4. Stunning! What beautiful work, Eric. Are those fluid acrylics?

  5. That is just astounding. What an intricate process and gorgeous result. I'm going to have to check out the documentary, for sure.


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