Monday, October 13, 2014

I'd Love to Draw

A never before seen book by Andrew Loomis is to be released tomorrow, October 14th!

I'd Love to Draw is a collection of work by the innovative American artist Andrew Loomis, previously unseen by anyone outside the Loomis family and available in print for the first time ever. Having been held in the Loomis family archive for decades after the artist's death, I'd Love to Draw has been restored by a group of devoted experts, including the globally renowned comic book artist, and Loomis devotee, Alex Ross.

More info here:


  1. I've heard about this book in "Illustration Magazine" which has an issue dedicated to Andrew Loomis and his art, but unfortunately it wasn't available in stores. Thank you for good news!!!

  2. Loomis books are essential to any artist's library. Thanks for the post, Dan

  3. Outstanding! Can't wait to see this. Now my collection of Loomis books will be complete. Greg is right, Loomis books are essential to an artist library. Thanks for the post, Dan.

  4. Described as a "...collection of work...". I wonder is it only instructional drawings or other. Either way an instant classic.
    On another note Dan, will we be seeing any more posts from John Jude Palencar?
    Love his work and miss his contributions.

    1. JJP is so elusive! He does intend to post more though. I'll let him know to hurry his butt up.

    2. Honestly I wouldn't call this one an instant classic, its a book of fragmented lessons he covered in greater detail in his other books.

    3. Thanks for the update, Trahap.


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