Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Awesome to the Max

-By Jesper Ejsing

The other day I fell over this illustration. Somebody posted it on facebook and I clicked the link.
It absolutely blows my mind!

I have no idea who painted it. It looks like World of Warcraft except the orc is not green. ( If you are out there and are reading this, please mail me and tell me who you are...I think I might be able to bear your children)

As many of you know, I love dynamic illustrations and try in every way to push my drawings over the top in case of dynamic action. This illustrations has it all. Tilted perspective, fish eye lens, ultimate forshortnings, blury vs sharp and forced perspective lines almost acting like the lines behind a character in a manga comic when they are running fast or jumbing or what it is they do all the time.

I tip my hat and bow in honor of you, mysterious artist, who made this. May your cintiq never be scrathed and your hand never go numb.


  1. By wangxiaoyu12_23 for Blizzardfest
    Link to WIP

  2. For future occasions, you can do reverse image search with
    Tineye usually works great for me, but not this time. So I went to google image, which also has a reverse image search as you can see.

    ... and I agree, amazing illustration

    1. GOOGLE does reverse image searches as well. (I used to use Tineye, but it had limited images to bounce off of..millions, while google...yah.Billions.) Anyway, all you have to do is go to the "Images" tab on a google search and then click on the camera icon within the search bar. It should be "Search By Image" option. Hope that helps!

    2. If you use Firefox you can even open google images and drag and drop the image to search for it. Otherwise just copy the URL

  3. Really, really good painting! It's definitely digital.

  4. Thats not the finished illustration :))

  5. Sorry, too much of a good thing...actually makes me feel a little ill...

  6. I'm totally stealing that blessing at the end of the post, Jesper. ;)

  7. thanks others education information results to bellow

  8. Hey Jesper

    James Zapata posted a link to the CGHub page of the artists, it has some process shots and his e-mail so now you can contact him and bear his children =P

  9. BTW, red/brown orcs do exist in WoW, just not as a player race. And what a wonderful piece!



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