Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Forest Procession

-By Justin Gerard

This past weekend we attended Fantasycon in Salt Lake City, Utah. As Donato described last week in his post, the show's director Joshua Patel commissioned several renowned fantasy artists to create a series of large format original paintings for the show to celebrate fantasy art and to bring it wider recognition.

My wife, Annie Stegg, was asked to create one of these works and for this week's post I'd like to share what she created.

"The Forest Procession" by Annie Stegg. 48 x 72 inches, Oil on Canvas.


  1. This is just amazing. The level of gorgeous in this is... argh! I can't even put it into adequate words!!

  2. Woow the size of this painting is devastating! awesome job!

  3. It was a VERY enjoyable con, and briefly meeting you and your wife was a kick.

  4. Holy moly that's HUGE! Well done, Annie. (And nice house, you guys.)

  5. Beautiful, so lucky to have seen it in person!

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