Monday, May 6, 2013


by Arnie Fenner

I've always had a fondness for fantasy sculptures. Maybe it stems from museum visits in my youth, maybe from the Marx soldiers I played with or the Aurora monster models I built growing up. Regardless of the reasons, I love the stuff. Bruckner, Bowen, Moore, Newman, the Shiflett Bros.: I've got their work sitting on my shelves. Recently I discovered the art of Simon Lee've added another favorite to my list. Why? See for yourselves.


  1. I have another contender for your favorite list, Dashi Namdakov - a siberian sculptor. There was an exhibition of him in my home town Tampere, Finland, that just ended yesterday.

    He's a fine artist but with very fantasy themed works, and they are superb! I was totally blown away - and thankfully they had exhibition books, since Amazon doesn't give any results.

    His work ranges from two inch ministatues made of gold, silver, mammoth tusks, jewel stones etc. to huge bronze statues, all equally stunning.

    Unfortunately Google image search doesn't do justice to his work, but I suggest to try that too.

  2. Man, I love that first one, especially.

  3. Inspiring work, love how they portray more than just that moment but a few seconds before and after..if that makes any sense.

  4. Does anyone who knows Simon Lee's work know whether and which of these works can be purchased? His website is a mess from a commercial standpoint - links going to the wrong places, etc. As far as I can tell, nothing is currently for sale, but I hope that's wrong.

  5. I have been following Simon's work for about a year, and he continues to inspire me. He has a video through Stan Winston School of Character Arts that is excellent source of technical information. Douglas, several of his pieces have been made into kits. Which ones and how to purchase them I don't know for certain. You can contact him through his Facebook Page though, he is very good about responding both to messages and comments.

    1. Simon sets up at Monsterpalooza every year, where he always has an awesome display of multi-figure original pieces (this year was Predator and Alien, last years was a zombie theme). He usually has some castings for sale as well. The show is a hot bed of original fantasy and horror based artwork, with the majority of it being 3D.

      Another amazing sculptor is Takayuki Takeya. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of his studio in Tokyo several years back. The man is as good as any sculptor to ever grace the planet.

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