Monday, January 28, 2013


by Arnie Fenner

Art by Martin Ansin

You know about Mondo, right? No, not Mongo. That's Ming's domain in the classic Flash Gordon newspaper strip or the name of Alex Karas' character in Blazing Saddles. Mondo.

Mondo is a boutique gallery & studio in Austin, TX that creates limited edition silkscreen prints of alternative movie posters by a a host of artists, as well as vinyl movie soundtracks and apparel. Closely associated with the Alamo Drafthouse Theaters (for whom they often create posters for special events), their work is high-concept, stunningly designed, and ultimately...pretty damn nice. They have a particular fondness for classic movie monsters, but they've done equally noteworthy posters for Dune, The Warriors, and others. Currently Mondo is hosting a show going on through February 23rd entitled "In Progress: A Collection of Original Poster Art" featuring the sketches, layouts, and line art that led to the finished prints.

I'll include several samples here, but definitely check out their site and blog for all kinds of great pieces. (And, hint: Muddy Colors' own Paolo Rivera has an extremely nice Lord of the Rings print currently available.)

Art by Laurent Durieux

Art by Jay Shaw

Art by Laurent Durieux

Art by Laurent Durieux

Art by Jock


  1. Mondo have put out so many amazing posters that picking a favourite can be difficult... I've always been struck by Olly Moss' poster for "The Evil Dead". It's just so strong...

    I'd never seen that Jaws print before - I love it! Thanks for the post, Arnie!

  2. I'm glad you shared about Mondo. Aside from Muddy Colors, I think Mondo Tees is my favorite illustration website to peruse. The art is so strong and I'm a major fan of the vector look that so many of the artists go for there.

  3. The Jurassic Park poster still blows my mind.

  4. LOVE Mondo... Thanks for these posters, I've never seen them. Gorgeous!

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