Friday, January 25, 2013

Masters of Contemporary Illustration: Ivica Stevanović

By Petar Meseldzija

Ivica Stevanović was born In 1977 in Niš, Serbia. He grew up on comic books and old horror movies. Ivica is an accomplished illustrator, comic artist and designer.
He is a versatile craftsman who utilizes different techniques: from pen and ink, through watercolor to digital painting and collage. His artwork is characterized by moderate expression and grotesque line. Ivica works for Serbian as well as US market.
Although he likes to illustrate picture books, like Andersen’s The Emperor's New Clothes and The Royal Treasure Measure by Trudy Harris, his specialty are graphic novels and art book projects. His best-known graphic novel Kindly Corpses appeared on Paul Gravett’s list of the best works in 2011: An International Perspective. Famous American writer of Steampunk genre Jeff Wandermeer invited Ivica to work on his book projects. So far, he has participated in two Wandermeer’s books – Steampunk Reloaded and Lambshead Cabinet.

Ivica lives in Veternik, Serbia with his wife Milica, who is also an artist, and their daughter Katarina. He currently lectures at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad.

You can see more of Ivica’s work on his blog and here


  1. Wonderful works.. I was captivated by the Emperor's New Clothes artwork.

    Though I am not quite fond of "dark" themed art, it's still refreshing to see artworks like these.

  2. Well, Petar, you know I like the dark stuff. I really enjoy these glimpses into the art and illustration of another culture. I feel very much connected to European illustration and specifically to those with that twisted eastern flair. But I guess you already know that.

    1. Hi Bill, I really enjoy when artists are willing and able to stretch their minds beyond the boundaries of their own world, and reach for the inspiration that is to be found in the way other people (cultures) reflect and talk about recognizable, common things. I think this is one of the imperatives for being, or becoming, an outstanding artist.

      I know you have the urge to transcend the ways of the ordinary world, I see it in your art, and I am grateful to you for that, and for mentioning it on this blog as well.

  3. Another nice take on Smaug on the cover to The Hobbit.


  4. Not really my style but I guess if people like it more power to him.

  5. Thank you for your comments, guys! I am sure Ivica will be pleased.

  6. First, I would like to thank Petar for posting my artwork on this blog. He made me a great honor because he included me in The Masters of Contemporary Illustration. Thank you all for your comments! Appreciate it!

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