Friday, January 18, 2013

Making of "Grattis"

-By Serge Birault

Here's a picture I did for the birthday of my favorite model, Fuchsia Gibson.
She's a big fan of SF movies and series ... and unicorns (and cupcakes). The sentence just means "Happy Birthday" in Klingon language.

General notes :
- I have several photo references but I didn't copy one.
- I only use the soft round brush and some Ditlev brushes.
- I tried to obtain a more "flat" rendering than usual. The volumes are not right but it was the goal.

Step 1: I put the sketch on a "Multply" type layer. I choose the color of the background and my basic flesh tones. Each part is on a different layer.

Step 2 : I start to paint the darkest part of the picture, just to help me to find the good contrast.

Step 3 : I start to pain the first volumes of the face. I use the soft round brush with a low opacity, as usual.

Step 4 : I do some changes on the lights and on my skin palette.

Step 5 : I paint the ear ... I hate pain ears ^^'

Step 6 : I start the hair. On another layer, once again.

Step7 : I paint the background. I use different Ditlev brushes.

Step 8 : I fix the eyes.

Step 9 : I start the little Darth hello Kitty Vader with a Star trek uniform.

Step 10 : I add details on it.

Step 11 : I paint the flower and the balloon.

Step 12 : The flying cupcake.

You can freely downloas the Ditlev brushes packs here :


  1. love the whole piece but the ballon is inspired!

  2. Thanks for the detailed step by step of a digital painting. I know nothing abut digital art, but I wish I did. It's amazing how you created that portrait!

  3. Replies
    1. some serious masterpiece!

  4. That's really fantastic, I absolutely love seeing other artists processes. It's sort of like peeking into somebody's home, not to be too creepy about it.

  5. do yo prefer variable opacity over variable fill?

    btw I also airbrushed traditionally for years before going digital last year, and I think that's the reason why your work grabs my eye.


  6. dear , mr, Serge Birault

    i like ur tutorial a lot and i wish i could have ur permision to translate into arabic , with a refere to ur page on my blog:


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