Saturday, January 12, 2013

Drawing Jack

Living Lines Library has updated their site with a lot of new work, including concept art from the DreamWorks film 'Rise of the Guardians'. There, you can see a lot character concepts, as well as color keys and storyboards.

I really enjoy seeing all the different styles they could have gone with for the character Jack Frost. It seems to me like the alternate concepts would have resulted in a completely different film.

DreamWorks has also produced some really cool 'how to draw' videos, which you can find on Youtube. The videos are drawn and narrated by actual concept designers for the film. Each video depicts a different character, and is narrated by a different artist. Again, it's really wonderful to see how much variation there is in their styles, all the while maintaining the 'essence' of the character.

Other videos in the series can be found here:


  1. i really enjoy your post! I love this film and its character concepts! It's very nice!

  2. This is really interesting to see how they do that. I also like the artwork in the previous post. Thanks for putting together all this great information and inspiration all in one place for us!

  3. Hello (: I wrote this here because there wasn't anywhere else to.
    But I just came across your blog. I am a art student and I would appreciate it if you could become a member of my blog. Member for a member? Thanks

  4. Thank you, this is a good source of inspiration and knowledge!


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