Saturday, November 17, 2012

DC Dynamics: Sinestro

-By Tim Bruckner

Its not often you get to collaborate with someone whose work you admire.  It happens even less often when that someone has been dead sixty-one years. To this day I have a difficult time believing that DC Direct let me design and sculpt a line of statues of their most iconic characters based on the work of J.C. Leyendecker. Sinestro was the seventh of eight statues in the Dynamics line. He had to work with Green Lantern, whom I’d sculpted earlier but had to work as a standalone as well. Here’s how he came about.  We’ll step ahead of the basic clay work to the end stages of wax work.

Here’s the first pass at the wax portrait. Trying to get him to look like the kind of guy who would foreclose on your old granny’s childhood home and kick her out during a raging snow storm.

And her old dog too… Second pass.  Master wax portrait. 

First pass at the wax work on the body. Funny what good shape these super hero types are in.

Working the finish. 

Considering where his fist was going to be in relation to the energy base and that his fist would be encased in an energy ball, like Green Lantern’s, I moved it up to give it more room to work visually. 

Added wax sheet costume detail and his right hand, and he’s ready for mold.

I needed to lay out the basic architecture of the base and took a couple of passes at the clay.  Having already done Green Lantern I knew what the finish structure was going to be like. 

The lads together…

Pix of my Paint Master. I’d worked out the energy ball shell that encased the fist on Green Lantern. So Sinestro got the same deal. I’ve used this effect on a few other Green Lantern statues since then. Most recently on the Sideshow Green Lantern statue with the energy fist.

Every Dynamics statue but one has a sculpted hollow interior which rusn counter to the exterior motion direction.  When you move around the piece those to opposing dimensions create a sense of movement. With this guy, I wanted to try something different. I created a hollow in the shape of a skull.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make it into production.  You can’t have everything.  It was enough that Joe was willing to work with me.


  1. Stunning.... pose, colors, details...absolutely gorgeous!

  2. wow! where can i get one?

    1. I'd start with Ebay. Other than that, really not sure. They sold out...

  3. Nice sculpt, but I must be missing the Leyendecker connection.

    1. The Sinestro connection is the slimest of the eight. Looking at Joe's work, there's not a lot to draw on for this type of character. But Joe's influence in in there. Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are almost literal lifts of his character style. But Joe is in all of them, at least for me.

      Until later, Tim.

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  5. Love your work Tim but I have to admit, I think I prefer the original works best before the paint. Even though the effect of the finished pieces are awesome I like the detail of the originals and the neutral colour of the clay. It would be great if DC released a collection like that, to be honest I think I would be more inclined to collect :) Keep up the good work and the posts Tim - by the way have you done any videos of your process?

    1. Belinda, Its the great ongoing controversy. Collectible companies seem reluctant to consider single finish statues. Products like this is almost exclusively based on preexisting popular art and by and large, the consumer prefers collectibles that reflect that art. For years I've been pitching the idea of treating pop culture characters with a more classic single finish or simple finish approach. Given the investment it takes to being these to market, there's an understandable reluctance to gamble. I would like to see, someday, these iconic characters done less like representations of their comic of movie personification and more as standalones.

      I co-authored a book published by Random House, Pop Sculpture; how to create collectible statues and action figures, that covers my process in detail. A damn fine read and informative too!

      Until later, T.

  6. The skull was a damn good idea imo. Should I say that your Batman and Joker are my favourites of those shown? Well I said it anyways...srsly this is the most epic interpretation of Batman ever- looks like he is possesed or smth :)Great job with those dynamic effects!

  7. Thanks Tim for your reply I will have a look for that book. And if you ever need someone to sign for a petition regarding single finish statues I'll sign it!

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