Friday, June 15, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know Muddy Colors has a Youtube channel? Check it out HERE.

There are dozens of documentaries, techniques, tutorials, and general inspiration. There isn't a whole lot yet, but there's definitely enough to ensure that you don't get any work done today! With any luck, we'll be making our very own videos to add in there soon.

Have a suggestion for a really good video we should include in the playlist? Please leave it in the comments section here.

Here are a few of the videos you'll find in our playlists:


  1. i'm not getting any work done today.

  2. Check out this Piranesi walk-through. I got it from Lines and Colors.

  3. Truly awesome, so much thanks always for what you guys do. Gonna check out Piranesi as well, cheers Bill.

  4. I recently found out about Muddy Colors because I studied illustration and am now a High School Art Teacher. I appreciate this blog and just found out about the MC you tube. I appreciate that you professionals are putting this information out there because I use it as a tool to inspire and instruct my students...and myself.
    Matt Harward
    Huntington Beach, CA


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