Friday, June 22, 2012

The Daisy , Step 2 : Painting

-By Serge Birault

First step here :

I'm not a specialist of grayscale. I don't use it very often. I came from traditional painting and this technique is not very « natural » for me. But let's try, I will try to avoid the « washed » effect.

I put the sketch on a « multiply » type layer and I start to work under it. I choose my basic tones and my ambient light, it will be green. Of course, the saturation is not very good.

For the painting-like effect, I don't use airbrush but different Ditlev brushes (once again). You can download the pack here:

I have to paint over the sketch now. I don't want to change the contrast and the luminosity too much so I create only « overlay », « linear burn », « linear dodge » and « difference » layers.<

The amount of layers is quite ridiculous but I add the tones one by one. I often decrease the opacity of the layers to 0-10%.

The choice of colors is logical … Green and orange. I think you know the complementary tones.

Here's the result. It's not perfect but I'm on the good way.
I merge all the layers.

I add the bag full of daisies. It changes a bit the meaning of the picture but my composition is better now. The « hole » on the bottom-right now longer exists.

I add details and I change the contrast and the saturation a little bit.

I can't if tell I'm totally satisfied by this technique. My palette is very close of the one I used for an old picture, « Sashimi's revenge » but the result is not as good. By the way, I spent 80 hours on that pin up and « The daisy » was done in only 8 hours. I think I can work faster with a bit of training but I'm not sure I will use grayscale again. I go back into the one's old ways now.


  1. Wow, it's a girl and robot and heart and nothing. But it's fast, so it's ok.

  2. I really like that little bit of a "washed" look as you call it Serge. Now I don't think it would work in everything but it gives this a mood it might not otherwise have, a little different than Sashimi's Revenge. Sort of gritty.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey Serge, what exactly is the benefit of painting in grayscale first?

    1. It's faster :)
      Because it's easier to find the good contrast when you work in balck and white :)

    2. I see...Thanks! I am tempted to try that the next time. Although, I'm pretty sure it's going to take me longer than normal.

  5. Be honest. Is this for League of Legends?

  6. Hi Serge.

    Working in shades of grey is very much a traditional method, also called Grisaille:
    Doing a cover with this method myself right now.
    Am very glad you have chosen to test this method, as it gives this specific image a different look than most of your other works. The addition of the bucket / daisies is superb. The bot seemed to want to topple backwards before, but now is rock steady and the edge lighting this adds is great. Superb work!

  7. Your painting is great Serge. However, in my experience glazing over a grisaille doesn't work as well digitally as it does with paint.


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