Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sam Weber interview w/ Dan dos Santos

-Dan dos Santos

Sam Weber did a brief radio interview with me this past Wednesday. If any of you are interested, the podcast is now available for streaming and/or download right HERE.

Or you can just click the player below:


  1. Dan...thanks for the link to the podcast. It is always interesting to listen to the wisdom of others along this path. Podcasts keep me company in the many hours of being in the studio. Is there a way to get on Sam's mail in list so I can know when to hear his podcasts in my studio?

    1. You can subscribe to Sam's show via iTunes. It will automatically download new podcasts for you.
      Just search "Your Dreams My Nightmares".

  2. Good interview, too short though :) Always interested to hear experienced illustrators share their knowledge.



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