Friday, February 3, 2012

New Video

-by Eric Fortune

After my last post on using the right brush for the right job, I took my own advice and used a larger than average brush (not the broom) and applied washes to build up the background value and color. My concern of heavy granulation in areas that I want relatively smooth keeps me from using washes that are too thick. So of course I'm still doing many thinner washes but the application didn't take as long. After getting some paint on the background I decided to jump into the main figure.

In this video some skin tones have already been laid down. But you can see the difference it makes to the flesh when I add in the warmer tones to the cheek area. It's the nuanced color in the cheek, nose, knuckles, and ears etc that really give flesh a sense of having blood flowing through it and being alive. So of course be mindful of your photo reference, and when in doubt use a mirror... or Google images.

I have a detail of the painting to post but blogger is acting a little weird. At least it seems that way. If you're reading this now I'll try to upload the image again tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful once again. At one point you did a wash over existing work which really made a huge difference, bringing the skin alive. Thats where the magic happens. Great music as well (again).

    This meticulous style of painting must take a while. Any idea how long a painting of this scale takes you?

  2. Eric, you're work is amazing, and it is a treat to watch a bit of the process, so please take no offense when I ask... what is the music that's playing in this clip? Good stuff!



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