Friday, February 10, 2012

Kull Studies

-Justin Sweet

I'm not sure how interested others might be in this, but I found a few of the studies that I illustrated for "Kull ; Exile of Atlantis" a few years back. I'm glad I kept these, they remind me of that burst of energy I get when I start a new painting...


  1. I adore your work. The compositions seem to be found and explored rather than planned out. Please post more.

  2. Justin I really wish you would update your website!!! I have been checking your site literally for like a year now! Just by chance I stumbled upon this blog... Glad to have found it!

  3. These are interesting, but I thought the Kull piece was an oil painting. Did you paint over the digital sketch?

  4. These are amazing, I really admire your work !

  5. Cursed Armada-

    Working on it!


    These are studies for composition and color,(except for the black and white).

    The Kull finals were painted in oil on linen canvas. The drawing was projected onto the canvas, sketched in with charcoal, fixed, then painted.


    Thanks for the feedback!


  6. Wonderful stuff. Breathtaking... inspiring.

  7. oh man crazy to see that 3rd one in the rough stage. it's already perfect!

  8. Thanks for the reply Justin, sounds like a good way to do it.

  9. wonderful stuff, your work always inspires me to get better

  10. yeah, back when i first discovered the internet, i'd be on your site every day, never expected updates as they were super few and far between, but your work has always been inspirational eye candy to me. nobody else seems to capture the look of muscles under stress that you do with your work, and i love being able to see where the blood is in the extremities, when its forced to the hands, forearms and face.

    makes me paint.


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