Thursday, February 23, 2012

John Carter

It's great to get a chance to work on stuff that meant much to me when I was a kid.
Dejah Thoris.... How I wanted to be John Carter...and for that matter,  Tarzan, Thor, Hulk, Scalphunter, and probably Earl Cambell....

More soon on this...

-Justin Sweet


  1. Can't wait for this!!! While I grew up isolated from all things fantastic, recent research into this universe, and the accompanying artworks - spanning decades, has made it grow on me. Any setting like this which was born in the earlier days of sci-fi & fantasy art and has a long tradition of inspiring many artists, will be a winner!

  2. You work on everything! Cant wait for this movie.

  3. I loved the John Carter series as a kid! I am ssooo looking forward to the movie, although in typical Hollywood fashion I am expecting serious deviations from the written works.

    I am already disappointed with the film's Dejah Thoris. Lynn Collins is perfect! A beauty! But the fact that "they" opted for red tribal markings rather than red skin bugs me. I mean, what's hotter than a red, alien woman? (The green alien women on Star Trek were pretty awesome, so red has got to be better, right?)

    Anyhoo, all that to say, GREAT piece!


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