Friday, February 3, 2012

ImagineFX #80

-Dan dos Santos


Imagine FX, issue #80 just hit stands in the UK today. For this issue, the IFX team asked me to produced an in-depth article about creating strong compositions. In addition to the composition workshop, there is a ton of other great stuff, including a step-by-step by uber-talented cover artist Aly Fell, an interview with Paul Bonner, and an article on Howard Pyle written by James Gurney.


The issue won't make it to US stores for another 3 weeks. For those who don't want to wait that long, a digital copy can be purchased HERE.


  1. FYI, a Howard Pyle exhibit is going to be shown at ther Normand Rockwell Museum around the same time the IMC is in Amherst, MA. See:

    Cool to see Aly has an article. Looks like I'll have to get a copy.

    Thanks for the Heads up on this issue of Imagine FX.


  2. Does anyone know where to find this magazine in or around Portland, OR?

  3. What with Mr Gurney's scholarly piece on Howard Pyle, Aly Fell's fair pirate wench, the feature on Paul Bonner, AND Dan Dos Santos' illuminating insights on composition (which I read last night), this latest magazine was one of the best yet. If you only buy one issue of ImagineFX, make it number 80. (That or 53.)

  4. i need to subscribe to this. maybe i can convince the wife to allow me for my birthday...

  5. Seems like a great issue. Wonder if it's in stores here in Sweden yet...

  6. I read the issue over the weekend. I thought you did a wonderful job with your article. It's a tough breif to sum up composition in a couple of pages but you nailed it. Great issue all round.


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