Monday, January 9, 2012

Virtual Sistine Chapel

Virtual Sistine Chapel Tour and others...

The Vatican has released virtual tours of their various churches and chapels. Please use the below links to acccess the web page that features these tours. Click on the selected location and then select the desired virtual tour. You can pan 360 degrees and zoom in on various details on some of the tours. The artistic effort and genius that went into creating these masterpieces is a marvel to behold.


  1. oh that is quite the experience. would be amazing to see in person.

    Thanks very much for this post. It makes me want to sit and draw all of the figures. the variety of ways they move in space is amazing. To have that kind of understanding of the anatomy... sigh.

  2. wow.
    i've seen pictures and close ups and such, but never a whole room shot, and one that you can move at that!

    the thought of actually standing in that room with all of that around you is almost overwhelming in itself!


  3. I paid one brief visit to Rome ten years ago and was utterly overwhelmed. St Peter's is awesome, the Forum is amazing, Rome is astonishing -- I run out of superlatives. And in the week we spent there we saw 25% of the central three square miles. (And I never understood the Baroque or the Rococo before that visit, either.) I've gotta get back there -- thanks for posting this!

  4. That is just amazing! the quality is phenomenal -THANKS!

  5. Went to Rome Sept 2011..... they had unseasonably wamr weather. Amazing. The Galleria Borghese is astounding. The Colosseum is incredible today. Especially if you take the metro and exit from there; the metro is underground and when you exit to the street the edifice is right there, boom! Takes your breath away... then you see the lines and lines of tourists... which brings me to these magnificent links. Saw the Sistine Chapel as well and... it is dimmer than in the pictures and A LOT more crowded. It is amazing but be prepared for the crowds... and the people sneaking pictures of it followed by the bored guards say; "no pictures!" in the approximate direction of the flashed. The trevi Fountain is also an eye opener...

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