Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dawn Treader Concept Art

-Justin Sweet

Here's some concept art I did for the film back in 2007.

I listened to  Joni Mitchell's "Dawntreader" song off of her "Song to a Seagull" album often while working on this.

I loved this book. Its episodic nature was sort of like "Easy Rider" but on boat, a bit cleaner, and for a wider audience.

Thanks for looking...


  1. Really stunning Book, image, taste and style, thanks for sharing it!

  2. these pieces are so awesome in so many ways; energy, dynamic, composition, colors...
    one question: are you still doing a bit more refined, "finished" illustrations as well or do you prefer the avantgarde jazzy dynamics of the movie work?

  3. FABULOUS. big fan of the Dawn Treader...

  4. Love your mer-people designs. I wish that they had kept more of those designs in the final film. I think it probably would have added a more "cultural" aspect to the ocean world that was somewhat lacking in the overall picture. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but it felt sort of flat in comparison to the last two (not by any fault of your own for sure!) Sorry for that little rant!
    Anyway thanks for sharing.

  5. When do we get to buy a book of your collected concept paintings???

  6. It's like someone painted my childhood imagination! Lovely... but do please put me down in the "pro-Reepicheep" crowd!

  7. Did you work closely with Min and Gerhard or not at all?

  8. You captured the mystical, fantastic feel of the book. Would that the film had looked more like this. That End of the World piece I find particularly riveting.

  9. Hi Justin, Gorgeous art!

    I wondered if you might be able to help me find artist credit for the wall murals painted in the Dawn Treader state room. I've searched far and wide, and tried looking in the credits too of course, and can't find the name of the artist who painted those.

    Thanks in advance if so!

  10. Ah, eureka! Further exploration of your phenomenal post on concept pieces for the state room yielded me the answer, Min Yum. Thanks so much :)


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