Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cast your vote for best book cover!

-Irene Gallo is running a 2011 Reader’s Choice Award, including a “Best Book Cover” category.

While annuals like Spectrum and the Society of Illustrators are serious peer-juried competitions, the awards are a popular vote meant for a bit of fun. Buy hey, artists are part of the populace too and it’s a chance to show some readers and publishers that you care about art on book covers.

So, if anyone wants to cast a vote, simply click on this link to and list as many 2011 book covers, from any publisher, that you like. No registration needed. Voting ends Friday at midnight.

(I’ll note the Muddy’s own Dan Dos Santos is currently in the top ten for his White Trash Zombie cover. Go Danny!)

Here are a few cover galleries to help jog your memory but, remember, you can vote for any publisher’s books.


  1. Is the Sam Weber cover for the Mistborn trilogy eBook eligible? Even in light of much I love (and will vote for) Dan's cover for "Green", Sam's painting is truly the image of the year for me...

  2. I love Dan's White Trash Zombie cover!

    I also love Travis Louie's cover for The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories book.


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