Thursday, September 29, 2011

Princeps - a book cover

-By Donato

A new book cover for Tor Books, the fifth in a series of novels authored by L.E. Modesitt Jr. These have been a true pleasure to tackle as the main character is a scholar 'magician', and seeks to place others before himself. A great alternative to the overly ambitious alpha hero. With the later trait in mind, the protagonist taps the government treasury to feed and care for the poor, placing himself at risk of violent repercussions from the wealthy landowners and fearful of military reprisals.

The ambiguity of elements in this painting is what makes it all work for me- Is it snowing? Ash falling? Mana from heaven? And is that a statue behind him or a rider just too close for comfort?
You decide.

Wish I had more to share...but as much as I like my computer, nothing compares to the bliss of creating art at the drafting table. Back to the studio... Enjoy!

And another Middle-earth drawing:
Aragorn at Helm's Deep
11" x 14"

And another in progress for the gallery:
Daphne and Apollo
48" x 28" oil on panel


  1. the cover looks great. the series sounds intriguing, i'll have to check it out.

    love the action in the aragorn sketch.

    and there's something definitely haunting in that oil painting.

  2. "Daphne and Apollo" is beautiful! (Looking to start a modern Pre-Raphaelite movement, are you?)

    Daphne is running from the fiery glow of Apollo as he chases her through the woods? Yes? Are you alluding to Daphne's fate by partially hiding her behind a tree?

    Great atmosphere. Great depth. I love the contrast of the bright, fluid, horizonal lines of Daphne against the dark, static, verticals of the woods.



  3. So very beautiful sir! Your LOTR interpretations are really stunning. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Gorgeous! I love the Daphne and Apollo piece.

  5. Donato... What's with the positioning of the bread in relation to the horse??? Lol

  6. My name is Digiorno. I am Donato's cousin from Italy. How-a-dare you suggest my cousin paints man giving hand fun to horse!?

    No enjoyno!


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