Saturday, August 6, 2011


-By Dan dos Santos

For those of you in the Seattle area, I will be in the nearby town of Spokane next weekend, attending Spocon as their Artist Guest of Honor. The Author Guest of Honor is Patricia Briggs, who writes the best-selling Mercy Thompson series for which I do the covers for.

I will be exhibiting several original paintings in the art show, with a heavy focus on the covers that I have done for Patricia's novels. Most of the paintings were sold long ago, but are kindly being loaned for the exhibit. It is not likely you will see the majority of these works again. Amongst others, I will have the following works on display:

If you are in the area, please stop by. Aside from the exhibit, I will be giving several lectures and demos, including a live portrait painting demonstration. I will also have a large selection of prints available, and will be setting aside time for portfolio reviews should anybody request one.


  1. If it wasn't across the country, It'd totally come! You're a wonderful lecturer to listen to, I always enjoy your talks

  2. Dan, we are REALLY looking forward to finally meeting you, and I hope to attend all of your panels. This should be lots of fun!

  3. Dan, after the con, you should come down to Portland :) or better yet Down to Reno for WorldCon. You'll already be on the west coast.

  4. I think his work Fantasitc! Congratulations Dan!

  5. 6 hours from Boise. Maybe. Spokane's a nice town Dan.

  6. Oh! That's close enough that I might consider driving. I love Patricia Briggs and those covers are amazing!

  7. Hopefully you're staying at The Davenport Hotel!

  8. Thank-you for coming to SpoCon! I hope you had a great of a time being here. We definitely enjoyed having you with us.


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