Monday, June 6, 2011


by Arnie Fenner
After far too many years, two essential drawing books are finally back in print. I'm speaking, of course, about Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and Drawing the Head and Hands, recently republished by Titan Books (Figure is on sale now, Head & Hands will be available in Oct). Considering that they were going for big bucks in the rare books market, this is great news for students.
And...was Loomis as good an artist as he was an instructor? Why, yes. Yes he was.


  1. I am fortunate enough to own copies of Creative Illustration and Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and I must say that they are 2 of the best books I own!!! I am very excited at the opportunity to (finally) own a copy of Drawing the Head and Hands! Loomis is one of the BEST!

  2. I am wicked stoked, Ive been keeping an eye out for that book for a while now!

  3. This is the best news I've seen all day. I was able to get a hold of pdf copies of these great books and can't wait to get my hands on actual copies for my studio library. Thanks for the post. But, if you couldn't have these books, what would be the first book you would hand me off of your bookshelf?

  4. Actually, "Drawing the Heads & Hands" is at pre-order stage and it will be released on 4th October.

    As for "Figure drawing for all it's worth" (which was released 29th May), I've already ordered it after countless attempts to get debit card working (sic!). I was using PDF version to this moment, but I thought it would be nice to have a sharper quality and have a very nice addition to my book collection.

    Since the book is a fresh release, there's a nice discount on Amazon and probably other shops as well. Use it!

  5. Wonderful news! Andrew Loomis is one of my favorite illustrators and these instruction books are one of the few ways to actually see his work (until an art book comes out *crosses fingers*).

    I'm ordering my copy right now.

    Thanks Arnie!

  6. Shawn--
    When I was starting out everybody had copies of Burne Hogarth's DYNAMIC ANATOMY—which was way over-the-top, given Hogarth's love for artificially dramatic poses. I loved it, but it was the type of stuff that only worked for Hogarth. I'd strongly suggest artists pick up PORTRAIT PAINTING ATELIER by Suzanne Brooker and, of course, Jim Gurney's IMAGINATIVE REALISM and COLOR & LIGHT. (And if you can find a copy of his and Thomas Kinkade's — yes, THAT Kinkade — o.p. THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO SKETCHING, all the better. It's a good book.)


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